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Something Something Nostalgia: Avatar the Last Airbender Book 2


After stopping the Fire Nation from taking the Northern Water Tribe, Team Aang sets out to the Earth Kingdom.  And with that, a whole new depth of character and world are shown.  So who has the most interesting arc this season?  Who is our favorite?  What do we think doesn’t work?  Well, once again join the SSN team as we talk in depth about the second season of this amazing series!

Something Something Nostalgia: Avatar the Last Airbender Book 1


The Greatest Animated Series of All Time!!  At least according to us!  A controversial choice among the SSN members, and one that will come up again in the future.  But besides that, no one who has seen this series would argue the quality of it.  The Last Airbender is truly a fantastic series, full of wonder, action, excitement, and deep emotional journeys.  So let’s not waste any more time and dive into this.  Pick your favorite bending style (water for me) and get ready to explore the world of the Four Kingdoms with SSN!!

Something Something Nostalgia: Old School Video Games



Video games!!  Most people our age and younger have had at least some experience playing.  Early memories of the NES or even older than that.  But video games have come a long way in the 30+ years they have been around.  We are fortunate to have been the right age to come up from near the beginning to the modern age.  But this isn’t about today’s games, this is about the games we grew up with.  Join SSN as we talk about some of our favorites from the Atari to the Playstation era.  Grab your favorite controller, pull out the old tube TV and your Nintendo Power magazine as we head on back to the hours of wasted childhood!

Something Something Nostalgia: Movie Let Downs


You ever been hyped for a movie?  Of course you have, everyone has.  And what about that feeling when it manages to live up to the hype?  It’s one of the greatest feelings you can have as a movie lover.  But on the flip side, what about when it fails to meet them?  Not just failed to meet, but completely misses the mark by a country mile!  Those are some low points.  Well, the SSN crew is back to talk about some of our worst examples of failed expectations.  So pop a prozac and sit back to listen to us rant about some crappy movies!

Something Something Nostalgia: Hollywood New vs Old



We have all heard this before “Hollywood has no new ideas, movies were so much better back in the day”.  But were they really?  Obviously it’s all subjective but we thought it was something worth talking about.  So join the SSN crew as we compare and contrast the Hollywood that was and the Hollywood that is.  Is the flash and style of modern cinema better than the old school?  Only one way to find out!

Something Something Nostalgia: Transformers Season 3&4



Get ready for another adventure in outer space!  After the heartbreaking loss of all our favorite characters in the fall of 1986, the Transformers series continued right after the events ended.  But did they manage to capitalize on the emotions we were feeling from the movie?  Did they manage to kick it up to the next level and dazzle our minds and imagination?  Or did they fall into a rut and just repeat the same old beats but with a new paint job?  Well that is what we are going to find out here tonight.  Join the SSN crew with regular guest Kevin as we talk about the final stretch of Transformers G1!

Something Something Nostalgia: Transformers The Movie



NO!!!  This is NOT the Michael Bay attrocities!  We will NEVER be talking about those pieces of cinematic trash, EVER!!  THIS is the TRUE Transformers movie!  The year is 1986 and some one for some reason decided to give a toy show a theatrical movie!  That’s right everyone, we are blasting back to Cybertron to talk about the cult classic gem from the 1980’s, Transformers THE Movie.  Many say it’s a classic and a must watch for Transformers fans.  But is that true?  Or is the death of Optimus Prime (spoilers) the only thing anyone remembers from it?  Well the SSN crew are joined again by both Kevin Bush and Chris Champlin as we talk in depth about the bridge between seasons 2 and 3 of the popular 80’s cartoon show.  Get ready to transform and roll out!!

Something Something Nostalgia: Favorite Movie Deaths


Deaths in movies.  It happens all the time.  Whether it’s a heroic figure sacrificing themselves for the greater good or a villain finally getting their just desserts, a good movie death is something you remember afterwards.  But what are some of the best?  Which ones really stuck in the minds of our hosts throughout the years?  Listen as Matt, Dan, and Jerome cover some of their favorite deaths in cinema of all time.

Something Something Nostalgia: Transformers G1 Season 2


Grab your tape deck and LOOK OUT FOR LAZERBEAK!!  Because the Robots in Disguise are back again!  After the worldwide hit that was TF season 1, Hasbro and affiliates ordered a second season of 49, count them, 49 episodes!  That is a lot of bullshit science and way too many robots boys and girls.  So how does one sift through all of this and find the gold amidst the garbage?  Well don’t do it yourself, leave it to the SSN boys to do it for you.  Regular special guest and Decepticon Kevin Bush returns for a look into the very long and difficult terrain that is TF G1 Season 2.

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