NO!!!  This is NOT the Michael Bay attrocities!  We will NEVER be talking about those pieces of cinematic trash, EVER!!  THIS is the TRUE Transformers movie!  The year is 1986 and some one for some reason decided to give a toy show a theatrical movie!  That’s right everyone, we are blasting back to Cybertron to talk about the cult classic gem from the 1980’s, Transformers THE Movie.  Many say it’s a classic and a must watch for Transformers fans.  But is that true?  Or is the death of Optimus Prime (spoilers) the only thing anyone remembers from it?  Well the SSN crew are joined again by both Kevin Bush and Chris Champlin as we talk in depth about the bridge between seasons 2 and 3 of the popular 80’s cartoon show.  Get ready to transform and roll out!!