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Something Something Nostalgia: Worst Film Adaptations



Ever read a book, or played a game, or watched a show you loved? Of course you have. Do you remember how excited you were when you heard it was being turned into a movie?!
Of course you do! Do you remember the soul crushing disappointment you felt when watching it, realizing they completely fucked it up? Of course you do! We all have felt the
cold sting of a bad adaptation. But what are the WORST adaptations of all time?! Find out as SSN takes on this depressing and soul sucking endeavor.

Something Something Nostalgia: Transformers Season 1


Get ready to Transform and Roll Out!  SSN is heading to Cybertron!  Transformers is currently a worldwide phenomena that spans 30 years and billions upon billions of dollars in toy and movie ticket sales.  But like all dynasties, it had to start from scratch.  The 1984 G1 series became an instant hit that spread throughout the planet.  But is it as good as we remember?  Or is it simply… nostalgia?  Well let’s find out.  Returning special guest and theme song composer Kevin Bush returns for the plunge into one of the most iconic 1980’s shows of all time.  So get a tall glass of energon and put on your favorite cassette tape as we head to a world of robots in disguise.

Something Something Nostalgia: Top 10 Western Animated Series


Man oh man… talk about a divisive topic here. Everyone thinks the cartoons from their childhood were the best ever. And if you watched these shows, you are right! The
rest of you are just delusional. SSN takes off the kid gloves as we talk about, rank, and list, the greatest 10 western animated shows of all time. Anime fans will have to
wait for Whitey to watch more anime or we get a special guest for a 3rd opinion and a seperate list.


Something Something Nostalgia: Batman TAS Season 4


The Dark Knight returns for a final episode!  The 4th season of Batman TAS brought with it a major animation style change.  But does the writing still stay on par as before?  Or does it fall short?  Well we will figure it out for you!  Join the SSN crew for the final season of one of the most acclaimed animated series of all time!

Something Something Nostalgia: Shin Godzilla



For a final time, the king of the monsters returns!!  Toho decided to make a new Godzilla movie after the success of the 2014 American version.  But which is better?  Where does this new endeavor fit into the pantheon of Godzilla?  Well SSN breaks out all the stops for this episode.  With special guests Kevin Bush, Chris Champlin, AND introducing Tierra Gipson, this crack team of kaijuologists break down and discuss this newest entry into the longest running movie franchise of all time!

Something Something Nostalgia: Batman TAS Season 3 Part 2



On the last episode, Batman and Robin were captured by the Penguin, and forced to… oh wait, nevermind, wrong script. Well last time, SSN covered the first half of the 3rd season
of Batman TAS. Today, they cover the rest of season 3, duh. The themes, the feels, and the thrills keep coming at us, and we do our best to talk about them.


Something Something Nostalgia: Batman TAS Season 3 part 1



The caped crusader keeps coming back for more! And he brought so much with him, we can’t do it all in one show!! I know right, how presumptive of him? Well, SSN can take it.
We delve into the first 14 episodes of the 3rd season as we talk more about the deeper themes of this series. Will they be able to finish Vol 3 in time? Will the Joker get
away with the diamonds? Find out on this week’s episode!

Something Something Nostalgia: Godzilla Millennium Era


Did some one say they needed more Godzilla?!  Well good thing you did, because that is what you are getting this week!  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!  Well we were.  Put on your radiation suits, everyone. Wait, you don’t have any? Well I guess you’re pretty boned, aren’t ya? Cause this episode is bound to be nuclear! The SSN crew returns
for the final era in the Godzilla franchise! This time, mutated megalomaniac Nick Butkovich joins as they talk about the movies made starting from 1999 to the present. But
this isn’t the end for the king of kaiju… like always, he will rise from the ocean depths again to plague mankind, and this podcast.

Top 10 Action Films


Everyone loves action movies, right? Of course you do, why wouldn’t you?  Are you crazy?  Is there something wrong with you?!  Is it contagious?  Well assuming it isn’t, come on by and listen to SSN discuss their personal top 10 favorite action movies of all time.  Some will be pretty obvious, but the fun part are those dark horses.  Do you agree?  If not, then get your own podcast, but don’t stop listening to ours.

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