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Something Something Nostalgia | Godzilla Heisei Era


SSN is back battling against the forces of mother nature, aliens, and kaiju. In 1984, Godzilla was renewed after 10 years, and came back with a vengence. And of course,
the kaiju obsessed Dan Hoeppner was waiting for more. But he isn’t alone. Long time friend Chris Champlin joins this rag tag group of kaiju combatants for the next
iteration of the Godzilla franchise. Is the Heisei era better than the Showa? Does anyone ACTUALLY care?! Find out on this episode of SSN

Something Something Nostalgia | Batman: The Animated Series Season 2


The Dark Knight is back! And so is SSN to cover the second season of the legendary Batman TAS. But this time, they needed a helping hand getting through the troubled
streets of Gotham city. The charismatic crime fighter Kevin Bush joins the team on this episode, as they talk about some of the best episodes of the series, as well as the
adult themes in them. Get out your batarangs and get ready for round 2.

Something Something Nostalgia | Godzilla Showa Era


The most iconic monster of all time, stomping his way into the cultural zeitgeist for over 60 years. Every person has probably seen a Godzilla movie at some time in their
lives. But what is it that has made this monster endure for over half a century? Well, the kaiju expert, Dan Hoeppner, takes over the show as the SSN team goes over the
first series of movies in the franchise, known as the Showa era. Get ready to crumble!

Something Something Nostalgia | Batman: The Animated Series Season 1


When you think of 90’s animation, this series is one of the first mentinoned. This show was seminal in the lives of every kid our age who ever picked up a comic book. You just hear the opening
beats to the intro theme, and you are instantly transported back in time. I still can’t see the WB logo without thinking of that sequence. But is the show as great as we
all remember; or are we all wearing rose tinted glasses? Join us as we look deeper into the mythos, themes, and our memories of Gotham, as we discuss season 1 of Batman TAS


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